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The Dawn Will Rise 

Aspirants Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 1 | Pg. 44-49

True victory cannot be felt without a sense of defeat, just as this poem could not be written about the theme of "triumph" without describing harrowing sorrow. ​

Nostalgia Over Moments That No Longer Exist

Soliloquie Magazine Issue 2 | Pg. 8-11


​Home is a state of consciousness; the passing of memory. These poems are the bitter reminder that once lived, they will never exist again. Based on the theme "home", she recalls the places in the world she calls home, and the memories that linger with it.

Wrath and Woman

Published online | Anaerkillik

Prompt: Female rage​


Fremantle Markets: A Symbol of Australia's Diversity

Published by Menu Magazine | Issue 27 pg. 40-41

Jada looks deeper into Perth's food scene and behind the stoves and stalls to discover cultures and experiences she had previously overlooked.  She describes the subtle beauty to multiculturalism in the way it seeps into our society like a faint breeze on a summer day, showing that food should be celebrated for bringing different cultures together.

Food, Music & Community

Published by Menu Magazine | Issue 27 

Jada shares a groovy meal she had at Perth's popular venue Lyric Lane. Lyric Lane eradicates stereotypes and instead explores the relationship between fusion-style food, community and music – a universal experience.


The Best Gifts to Give on Valentine's Day in 2022

Published by Insider Guides

Enjoying the sunshine is even sweeter with someone to share it with, and if you’re wondering what to get your Australian boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day this year without falling back on the usual chocolates and flowers, there are heaps of gifts options suitable for all budgets.

Australia Announces $11.2 Billion Scholarship Initiative for Indian Students

Published by Insider Guides



What The Mountain Shouted Back

Published online | Global Hobo

For the people who write stories in their journals and wonder if they could be considered a "writer". Jada recounts about her tribulations in admitting she is a writer due to the influence of the logical world around her, and how she conquers this through a late night (early morning?) escapade beneath the gaze of the Japanese Alps. Why was she shouting at a mountain at 2AM, and what did she learn about her identity that night?

The Writer's Routine

Published online | Global Hobo

She is a writer, but nobody the likes of Virginia Woolf stares back at her.  Jada outlines an entire day from 6:00AM to the stroke of midnight, set in Hakone beneath Mount Fuji, to discover that there is no set routine for the artist. There is no same day for the imaginative person, but at their core, a routine should only consist of two things: cultivating inspiration and making art. She details a single day in her life.

The Divine Camaraderie of Women and Tarot

Published online | Anaerkillik

Jada explores intimate moments in which tarot has strengthened her relationship with other women. With personal encounters with magic and special conversations, she unravels how tarot is a tie that brings together sisterhood. Tarot has become a grounding exercise for both herself and her friends, and mysteriously pulled parallels and strings between their lives to create more empathy. This magical personal essay is an ode to that.

The Last Stop

To be published | Global Hobo

Loneliness is an easy sickness to catch for the solo traveller, and the mountainous region of Hakone that heralds Mt. Fuji is easy to get lost in when the last bus leaves at 6 PM. Jada gets on the wrong bus, and her loneliness threatens to desert beneath a lamp post in the pouring rain.

The Journey of (not to) Self Esteem

Skincoloured Magazine Issue 1 | Pg. 21-30

A thoughtful article on why positive self-esteem is so difficult to conquer, and how it is a journey rather than a destination. 

Where the Dust Settles

Soliloquie Magazine Issue 2 | Pg. 38-39

Home cannot be put on a compass, this is why.



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