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is a 20-year-old writer, poet, surrealist collage artist and performer who "creates art for the artist." In her speech during TEDxUWA's Art Salon in 2021, she describes her drive behind making art as

"common ground between you and I– from the experiences we live as creative people... Whatever type of artist you are, we share the same roots– our feelings, trajectories as people, the lives we live, how we grapple with our craft, our evolution and our skills– this is our shared artistic experience. This is why I create."

As a Samoan-Italian writer/poet born in Auckland, she has lived in three different countries and is currently settled in sunny Western Australia. At twenty years old, she has been published by multiple publications, gathered an impressive portfolio and performed her poetry at venues across Boorloo (Perth).

She loves mountains, Japanese fiction, the colour green and always has at least three books on her bedside table!


Jada is currently working on a novel. 

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